How to assign an email to a team member


Here at Helpmonks, we aim to make things simple and easy. So, we are adding another page to our “How To’s” that would help new customers and new users to navigate Helpmonks much easier.

Once an email is opened, you will see icons on the upper side of your screen. Hovering your mouse on each icon will show you the corresponding functions.

An email can be assigned either to yourself or to another Helpmonks user to address a message or an inquiry appropriately.

Here are the steps to assign an email to a user:

  • Open the email that you wish to assign.

  • On the upper side of the screen, click the Assign the Conversation button.

    Assign the Conversation button shows all the users, including yourself, to assign an email.


  • On the drop-down list box, click the name of the user.


Additionally, when replying to a conversation or creating an internal note, you also have the option to assign an email before hitting the send button or save note button.


  • Once the email has been assigned, a notification will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.


Then, the conversation will be moved from the Inbox to the Assigned Category.