How to add an attachment from the local machine

How can I add an attachment from the local machine to the email thread ?


Currently you can’t. When we planned Helpmonks we were thinking that users
use their emails clients primarily to reply to messages. That’s the reason
why attachments and inline images show without an issue in Helpmonks.

However, now that more and more people take to Helpmonks we see that this
many actually want to create new messages in Helpmonks and add attachments.
That being said, we are currently hart at work in adding the option to add
attachments and inline images to new messages.

Stay tuned, we will soon have good news on that front :slight_smile: I suggest you
follow us here (in the news section), on Twitter ( and on our blog (

Thank you.


70 to 80 % of our reply or new conversation will have an attachment so its very important for us to have that feature. Do you have any time frame about the availability of this feature bcoz until then we have to continue using google groups ?

Thank you,



We are currently working on adding this and we are hopeful to release it
this week. Most likely it will be released on the weekend. Keep an eye on
our blog and news section on this forum.


Thank you. Sure will do.

Is the feature available now ?

Yes, we released the feature this weekend. We are about to release a blog
post but you beat us to it :slight_smile: