HelpMonks is now completely responsive

As with many applications nowadays access on any mobile device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or any device with a smaller resolution is an absolute necessity.

Early on, our beta testers requested updates to allow the HelpMonks app work on their mobile devices as well.

It is my pleasure to announce that the HelpMonks app is now fully responsive!

We did not limit the responsive design to certain aspects of the application, but have made everything mobile device friendly. Reading, replying, forwarding, assigning or setting reminders for emails is intuitive to do from any device. These design changes, coupled with email commands, allow you to control the flow of your team’s emails. Always.

If you already have an account you can enjoy the responsive view immediately. If you want to join the private beta, you can apply right now at

Below are some screen shots of HelpMonks on a iPhone and iPad.

Keeping Communication Streamlined
Our promise with HelpMonks is to keep your communication streamlined. HelpMonks will be invisible to your employees, boost team productivity and feel personal to your customers.

We are currently hard at work developing HelpMonks. Sign up today at Be the first to take part in this innovative new way to interact with your customers.