Helpmonks FAQ's


Have a question about Helpmonks? Browse our most asked questions about our service and know how easy and efficient it is to use Helpmonks as your shared mailbox solution.

  • What is Helpmonks?

    Helpmonks is a shared mailbox solution that empowers your team to collaborate on email conversations. Assign emails, leave notes, label conversations and more features are available.

  • How does Helpmonks work?

    It works by simply forwarding your emails to your Helpmonks mailboxes. Then you add users to the mailbox, so users will be able to attend to emails. This gains transparency and insight into your email communications.

    You can sign up for a free trial of Helpmonks at I believe you will quickly see how Helpmonks can help you and your team manage shared mailboxes efficiently.

  • Is Helpmonks compatible with Outlook, Gmail, etc.?

    Yes, Helpmonks works with forwarding emails to your Helpmonks mailbox(es). That makes it compatible with all mail-servers.

    Furthermore, our How To page also contain articles on how you can configure email forwarding using different email providers.

  • Can I have different type of plans for my mailboxes?

    Our plans and prices are by mailbox only and thus, we do not have an option to provide different prices for individual mailboxes.

  • Can I import old conversations?

    Importing of old conversations can be done by forwarding emails to your Helpmonks account. If you would like to do this in a more automated way, then we do offer a paid service for doing so. The price depends on how many emails you like to import.

  • Can I use my mobile phone for accessing Helpmonks or do you have mobile app?

    We do not have a mobile app yet but Helpmonks is completely responsive, it can be used on mobile devices. Additionally, when an email arrives, you will get a “notification email” in your email client, so you can also use your email application on your phone to reply or simply use our Email Commands.

  • Do we need to install Helpmonks on our computers?

    Helpmonks is a web-based software. Desktop App is already on our Roadmap which you can vote and comment at

  • What are the difference on the account plans that Helpmonks offers?

    For the Hosted Plan, your data will be hosted with us on our server farm. This will be a cost-effective way for teams of any size to quickly setup a team based email solution.

    For HelpMonks Dedicated Cloud Server, HelpMonks will be deployed on your own server within your own network infrastructure, but it is hosted and managed by us.

    While for the Dedicated Server, it allows you to own and install a shared inbox solution on your premises. It is available under an annual license and gives full access to the source code, support and upgrades.

  • Can I add a user’s email as a mailbox email too?

    It is not possible to use a registered user’s email as a mailbox email too.

  • What is a workflow in Helpmonks?

    Workflow is about automating the flow of your team’s email even better. You can set rules within a mailbox to execute actions on certain emails. (Example: A workflow can assign an email to team members when an email arrived without doing the work)

Should you have further inquiries about Helpmonks, please send an email at