Helpmonks Engage Live Chat

We are working hard here at Helpmonks to enhance our offering and bring you new features that will be helpful not just for your team, but also for your customers. And as we face a global pandemic, we wanted to make the line of communication easy for your customers with our new feature, called Helpmonks Engage.

Helpmonks Engage is a live chat tool embedded on your websites where you can communicate with your web visitors and support your existing customers. Engage is simple and very easy to understand, as such, there’s no need for training preparation.

Below are some basic features in Helpmonks Engage :

How to join a chat

When a customer reached out, an inline notification will appear. (1) You can click on it to join the chat or when you have the Helpmonks Engage tab open, (2) click the customer’s name and you will be routed to the chat window.

In addition, a red dot will show beside the customer’s name in the chat list to tell that there’s a new reply from the customer.

• How to add and use a Saved Reply

In the Helpmonks Engage page, select the Saved Replies tab, then you will be routed to a page where you can add, delete or edit an existing saved reply


To trigger a saved reply in chat, simply press the slash sign (/). Then, it will appear the list of saved replies that you can choose from.


• How to paste image/screenshot or send an attachment in the chat window

When you need to send an image or a screenshot, copy it and click the editor box. Then simply paste the image, either use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl + v or command v), or you may also use the right-click and select “paste”. To send an attachment, click the paper clip icon in the editor box and select the file to attach.

• Quote a message in reply to your customer

So, on the customer’s reply, click the “reply icon”, a small editor box will show where you can compose your response. Click update to send or cancel to undo.

• How to delete or edit your reply

Yes, you can delete or edit your responses in Engage just in case you’ve sent a wrong message or made a spelling error. When you edit, your message will show in a small editor box for you to update it.

• How to leave /close chat

When you’re done chatting with your customer, and in case they are not able to end it, you can close and leave the chat by clicking the Close Chat button in the upper right corner, and click the confirmation button.

Note: The chat will automatically close after 30 minutes of inactivity.

• How to search for previous chats

Tracing an old chat conversation is also available in Helpmonks Engage, simply click the tab “ALL” then, click the search icon to show the search box. Type in your search term and hit enter to show the results.

There are more features available in Helpmonks Engage. We’ve added tracking, so you know when customers read your reply. And it’s even more amazing because you have an insight into what your customer is typing. That way, you can prepare your response and impress them with the speed of your reply.

Check out the introduction video below to get started: