Helpmonks Engage Chat - Closing session after a few seconds

I am testing the helpmonks Engage Chat feature on my new website. The chat appears to be working but the chat sessions only last a few seconds. I can initiate a chat from the website, and then in the helpmonks console I accept the chat and reply. However, if after about 30 seconds of inactivity, by the time the website visitor replies to the same chat, in the helmonks chat console, a new chat thread has been opened. The first, original chat says “chat has been closed” but at no time did anyone actually close the chat. Also, on the website visitor side, the chatbot displays the generic message for “Looks like it takes us a bit longer than usual to join you today…”. So it seems that there is a premature chat timeout of about 30 seconds to a minute. I cannot find any settings in the administration pages to change the chat session timeout. The engage chat documentation says the timeout to auto-close a chat is 30 minutes but in practice it doesn’t look like that is being adhered to. Is there anything on a webpage that would cause the chat session to close prematurely?

Admittedly, I did not create the webpage I am using the engage chate on. I am using an eCommerce platform developed by SecondPhase. I was able to add the helpmonks chat feature to the page by pasting the chat widget code into the “footer” area of the page. I only have limited access to add custom code so I don’t know what other javascript is running on the page that might interfere with the engage chat widget.


Our chat tool should work on any website without further settings. I have not seen that it automatically closes.

That said, how it works is that the customer enters the chat. He then enters his name and email address and the chat looks for an agent to join. If there is no one online or no one available, i.e., has not joined the chat, it will state that “we could not find anyone…”. However, it does not “close” the chat per se. Hence the user can enter a message and it will be sent to your mailbox.

The timeout for looking for agents is 30 seconds. The overall timeout if no one is chatting anymore, i.e., to close the chat is 30 minutes. That is, when no one is active anymore.

We have many customers using the chat. Though, I admit, it might be a bit rough around the edges but it has everything you need to successfully chat with customers.

I’ll be more than happy to look into your use case and see what is causing the issue. It might be best to look at it over a web session? If so, you can book a meeting directly within Helpmonks or reach out to me directly and we can discuss further. Would that work for you?

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll do a bit more testing before I engage you with a support session. I like to pinpoint the issues before I go to support so your feedback is helpful to determine what is going on. Thanks.

No worries. I’m eager to get this fixed and working for you.