Helpmonks CRM (Pipelines)

The Helpmonks CRM is a central place that summarizes all conversations with your customers or potential customers. This is a great tool to check the team’s customer relationship or it can also be a powerful sales tool all in one place.

How it works is that you create a pipeline and within that, you have stages.

A pipeline represents a process that you and your team want to manage. It can be used for sales, support, project management, and others.

You would see the image below upon creating your team’s first pipeline. Add a name, and customize it to your preferred color. Once done, click the “Add new pipeline ” button.

Note: You may edit the name or color by clicking the icon shown next to the pipeline’s name as shown below. Additionally, the option to delete the pipeline is also available here.

Then, you would be routed to a page where you can see the “Stages”.

It holds the current stage of the customer. On the sample image below, you would see the stages for sales which consist of Lead , Contacted , Demo , Negotiating , Deal Win , and Deal Lost.

Of course, you can create your own stages. Either change the name, color, add or delete to adapt it to your team’s existing email flow.



Next are the Boxes.
It represent a customer and can hold all kinds of information such as email conversations, notes, tasks, links to other boxes and more.

To add a box within the email conversation, on the right panel you will see CRM Tab. There you can create a box for the customer.

Within the message right panel:


If there is no existing communication with a customer, you can manually add a box. This can be done in the pipelines page, click the “Add new box” button next to the chosen stage.


Moreover, when you select a box, you can change the stage, leave notes, add a tasks and deadline, assign it to a user, and more. This can also be done within the conversation.

That’s it!

See for your self how Helpmonks can help your team to collaborate on emails thats comes with more plugins and a CRM tool all in once place. Start your 30 day free-trial now.