Helpmonks and Zapier


With the Helpmonks Zapier integration enabled you can connect to over a 1,000 applications and automate your workflow even more.

To enable this integration, in your Helpmonks mailbox, click on your Username on the top right, and go to Plugins. On the presented list of Plugins available, click on Zapier. You should see a screen looking like this, wher you should follow the link marked on the screenshot to recive a personal invitation to start using the Helpmonks Zapier app :

At the following screen, click the ‘Accept’ button:

To create a new Zap, click the button presented:

Type in Helpmonks app in the suggested field:

On the next screen, follow these steps:

Connect to an Account and select Continue:

Enter your API key in the required field:


Create API keys on this screen:

After that, please follow these steps:

You will need to provide Zapier to Access your Helpmonks account:


After giving these permissions, go through these steps:

Set up your information and click continue:

Check the requirements on the next three steps to finish up the installation:

You have now enabled Helpmonks Zapier plugin.