Forwarded email or reply sent throught helpmonks does not send email notification to me


When I forward email from my email client to inbox email is accepted in helpmonks but I do not receive email notification. Maybe that is wanted behaviour but for me it would be better that I receive notification from helpmonks so that I can use email commands and send new replies from my email client.

Similar if I send reply from helpmonks I do not receive notification so again I can not use email commands or send new replies via email.

Is there setting how to get email notification for above situations?


Yes, when you send a forward or reply from “yourself” we do not send out a
notification to yourself again.

Now for a “forward” I agree that this would be helpful so you can use email
commands to take further actions. However, for a reply, you can just use
the notification you already replied to, to sent another email command. For
the record, you can also send many email commands on one reply.

Let me see what we can do in regards to the forward, maybe we introduce a
new setting that always sends back a notification, no matter what.

Yes you are right. It is only needed for “forward”.

And maybe also when I start new conversation with #new or through helpmonks.