Force Password Reset

I setup all my users with new accounts and I used a default, generic password. I asked them to change their password when they first login but I don’t think some of them did so. Rather, they let google chrome save the password and never gave it a second thought. It would be extremely helpful to have an option to “Force password reset at next login” on the user account pages. That option would suffice for new account creation as well as for forcing a password reset for existing users. I would recommend the option be enabled by default for new account creation.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback. This was already planned and added to our Roadmap. You can also vote at Enhancements for user managment - Feature Requests - Helpmonks.

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In addition to what Ervin mentioned, we are making this part of our new re-design and should then be available. You can follow that over at Re-design - Feature Requests - Helpmonks

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