Follow up email when recipient doesn't reply


When we start a conversation using the web app and email our recipient, if the recipient doesn’t reply we need to be able to follow them up.

However, if we click reply, add a message and send it, it’s sent back to us and not the recipient which make sense I suppose as we’re technically replying to ourselves.

It would be really useful if we could have the ability to change the To field (this is currently hidden) so we can change it to the recipients email address again. Or better yet have a Reply To All feature similar to many email clients.

We’ve tried CC’ing and BCC’ing the recipients email address, however it seems that as the main message is being sent back to ourselves, the system doesn’t actually send the email to the SMTP server so the CC and BCC fields are ignored.

Hope that makes sense. Have included a screenshot here:


Seems that if we receive an email from the recipient first, all follow up emails will go to them regardless of whether they’ve replied or not. Problem is sometimes we don’t receive an email from them first, they phone us up and we then start the conversation.


Hi Chris,

There are a couple of this here I would like to address.

Helpmonks always sends out the emails from your shared inbox email address.
Therefore I can’t understand when you say that the replies are always being
sent to the recipient. They should go to your shared inbox address, I.e.
Back to HelpMonks. Is that not the case? Can you please provide an example
so we can see what you mean?

We are working on an option to change the “to” field on a reply.

When you send a new message and add people to the “cc” field they should
receive it too. Are you saying this doesn’t work?

Looking forward to your feedback, so we can get Helpmonks working for you.


Ok, if we start the conversation is HelpMonks and email the customer, if the customer doesn’t reply, when we hit the Reply button and try and email them again to follow them up, our reply isn’t sent to the customer but is sent back to us.


Ok, we see what is going on here. Let us look into this and get it fixed.
Will update once we have done it.


Hi Chris,

We just released some updates and among that is the fix for this behavior, i.e. when you create a new message in Helpmonks and reply to it, it will send out an email to the intended user now.

Thank you for reporting this and making Helpmonks better :smile:


Hi there,

I’m still finding some issues with the interface regarding this. For instance, sometimes I accidentally reply to a new thread that comes into my email client from an address that’s not registered in Helpmonks. When I make this mistake, Helpmonks then changes the thread’s customer email to my other (non-registered) email address, so that when I go into the Helpmonks app and try to reply back to the customer, it now only sends the reply to my other email address. There’s no way to override this and reset the “To” email to the original customer. So the workaround is to create a new message with a new thread and then copy the original message and copy the subject and past into the new message which I can then send out to the original customer.

Overall, it’s a big hassle. If only we could simply have the ability to change the “To” email field in the web app, we could avoid this issue. Also, it might help if our customer prefers to receive an email at a different address, we’d have the power to change their address in the thread if we needed to.

Let me know if you’d prefer me to create this as another feature request.

Thanks and I appreciate the hard work your team is providing!




Thank you for your suggestion.

The email notification goes out to the subscriber email only. If you choose to reply from another account, then you are actually hijacking the thread. There is little we can do about this, as it is outside of our reach.

That said, we have the “option to change the TO” on our RoadMap :smile:


Gotcha. Yes, having the ability to change the To field would be the solution is itself.


Sure thing. We have it on our RoadMap and will notify here and on our other channels when available.


Hi Nitai,

I completely agree with ruess. Being able to change the “to” field is a functionality that defiantly needs to be added to the web app.

You have sated that this is on your road map, can you give me some idea how long this will take to put in place?



We just released an update the other day where this is now possible via the
email commands ( Email Commands ). In
short, you simply set the new “TO” address with #setto (email address) when
you reply to the notification email.

We are working on implementing this into the web ui. No ETA has been set
for this.


As there are so many views on this thread, I just wanted to provide an update that replacing the “TO” within the Helpmonks app was incorporated many months ago. Also, one can not only add one “TO” address but many,

As always, our public RoadMap is the best place to vote on features and see what we are currently working on and what we have planned.