Fixing the auto-reply war

In general auto-replies are a good thing, as it will let the sender know if you are out-of-the-office. Auto replies for a shared mailbox are also a good thing to guide users to self-help materials or simply to let them know when they can expect an answer.

However, auto-replies turn into a nightmare if the sender has an auto reply himself and will reply to every incoming message. Usually, mail-servers are smart enough to drop those after a while, but we’ve seen more than once that they will end up in an endless loop. Needless to say both the sender and you will quickly be inundated by hundreds of messages.

If you have a shared mailbox with Helpmonks, this will now be a thing of the past as we’ve just released a new update that will take care of this. While the sender(s) to your shared mailbox will still receive your auto reply, we are now recording this and will only send it one auto reply every 24h.

This is just another small update to enhance your workflow with a team mailbox in Helpmonks. Stay tuned as we are releasing more updates soon.

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