Escaping issue opening a Draft


I kinda got the contents of my draft stuffed into the link text here:

Inspecting the element, and again censored a bit, this is what the tag looks like:

<a href="#" onclick="loadDraftIntoEditor(&quot;Hi aaaaaaa,<br><br>aaaaaa aaaaa aaaa them -- I" m="" helping="" out="" as="" aaaaaaa.<br=""><br>I think aaaaaaaaaaa again")' style='text-decoration:underline'&gt;continue writing</a>

I didn’t change anything other than simple words, so I hope that’s enough to spot the escaping problem. The draft was also already filled in the compose box below this question, and clicking “delete” there only hid the question, the draft stayed in my mailbox until I hit remove and hit Cancel in the compose box.

Also it never seemed big enough to mention alone, but while I’m reporting:

It’s perfectly sound grammar to make this “_______ assigned to themself.” I’d say it’s much less awkward than the /.



That doesn’t look good. Let us look into this and see that we get it fixed.

Thanks for the grammar correction :slight_smile:


Just a followup; We’ve found the issue and will push the patch this weekend to our servers.

Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.