Emails not being received in Helpmonks this morning



We are experiencing issue with emails not arriving in Helpmonks. At the time of writing 10:15am UK time we have emails received in our backup system one hour ago that have not yet arrived in Helpmonks. This is affecting multiple email addresses.

Please investigate and update.

Many thanks.


We to are having this same issue.
The last received email is a bit over 1,5 hours old. All new mails since haven’t shown up in helpmonks yet.


Thanks for the heads up. Just checked and latest messages are not arriving in Helpmonks. It seems that after the latest changes there’s been constant outages in the service.


A question though…
The mails that are not available in helpmonks at this moment, will they eventually show up?


They always have done in the past. Never had an email go missing to date and we have been a customer for a few years now.

In my experience support for these issues does not occur until the afternoon for any UK based customers, possibly due to the geographic location of the support personnel.


This service is becoming extraordinarily unreliable. We are starting to wonder if we can depend on it or not.


We’ve been a customer for about a week and I’ve seen 3 outages with this one being a major one.

Are outages common?


So far in about 2-3 months yes. Im hoping it gets better because the helpmonks team is helpful and means well.


We’ve been a customer for since last summer and it’s been great up untill the recent server change. After that there have been many smaller and bigger outages. Hopefully the team gets it sorted out quickly. It seems that now the delayed emails are coming in.


Has anyone actually spoken with Support? I haven’t heard back from them and the status website isn’t providing any useful information. We are still without service which is significantly impacting productivity. We’ve had the service for over a year and the outages are becoming more frequent.


We can’t even get into our account.


The status page is showing 28 outages so far today each lasting a few minutes. It would be nice if the status page had a real message from the Helpmonks team confirming the issue is in hand as the status messages appear to be automated.

We are now getting some emails through but not the most current so I guess someone is working on this issue.


Same concerns here.

The status page is useless… “All Component(s) are operational” yet “Acknowledged” says “Helpmonks Application is Down” - Which one is it…?

Starting to lose confidence here…


You can edit email settings from helpmonks help account preferences


Hello all,

Yes, there was an issue with incoming emails earlier. Incoming emails were delayed by several hours. We have identified the issue and all emails have been processed by now.

Also, we analyzed what the cause of the interruption was and are working to resolve the issue that it will not happen again. The update will be deployed later on today.

Besides that, we have also an issue with the load balancer at our service provider that does not properly identify when a server of ours has an issue and thus some customers see a “502” error message. This is despite that the application is up and running. We are working with them to get this resolved asap.

That said, we are as frustrated about this as you. We’ve been working the last several weeks on upgrading the system to different servers with a scalable architecture. After the initial performance issues, the system is now more stable and reliable.

I personally can’t stand when we have a disruption in our service. Please believe me, that my team and I are working non-stop to provide you with the best possible service.

CEO & Founder

P.S.: Our new status page at provides real-time updates for most of our services. You can also subscribe to receive a notification on incidents.


Thanks Nitai.

It would be more reassuring from a customer perspective for the status page to inform us you are working on any current issues as soon as you are aware of them and a possible timescale. The current format of the status page does not give us much to go on. Perhaps something to consider for the next batch of updates.




I’m not really sure if you are receiving the new status page or the old one. But we posted on the incident and then later on made update to it.



Why am I getting all of these mails?
This is really annoying.

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He Andrew,

This is because notifications are automatically on.
You can turn them off in your preferences and you won’t get all these e-mails.

Groetjes Christ