Email Reply Footer Bug


When replying to a message via an email reply (not via the web app) no footer is appended to my reply!

This is even the case when a footer is set within helpmonks and I have a footer in my actual email reply (Probably helps to note that I did use email command before my footer in the email reply)

  1. We do parse everything above the signature. Hence your signature is not
    applied upon a reply. We can look into not doing this when a subscriber to
    a mailbox replies.

  2. When you use email commands, our parser will take the email command to
    be the last thing. Hence you also need to put your reply before email


Thanks for your reply.

It would be good to just have the option to append the Helpmonks signature to all replies (via the web app or email reply), this way I would just have to make sure no email footer is sent in my email reply.


Sure. I’ll add it to our list. Thank you.