Email From Setting: Why is it sending my personal email address?

I’m having an issue where the system seems to be sending my personal email address to customers instead of my company’s email.

Under Mailbox Settings->Send Email From - if I set it to Mailbox, everything works like it should - the name of the company sent from the company’s help email address.

However, if I set that to User, suddenly it appears that Helpmonks sends my personal name (good) with my personal email address (BAD).

Here are two examples.

In the first image that I sent from the system, you see that it’s my company’s name with company email address (correct):

In the second image, it shows my personal user name, but also shows my personal email address that I use to login to Helpmonks with:

I thought the whole point of Helpmonks was to unite everyone behind one email address. I can certainly understand sending an email with the header from specific users on a team, but to me their email address should all be one: the company’s email address that’s set in the settings.

Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this a bug?



Hi Kevin,

You are correct in your assumption that it should only show your name, but go back to the general email address. Let us look into this and will get back to you once we fixed it.

Thank you for using Helpmonks and being a customer.

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This is now fixed and we will push the update to our servers later today.

Thank you for reporting this and being a customer. You are awesome.

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This is awesome - thanks!

Hey awesome thanks for the update Nitai!

We just updated our server with all changes.