Email Address Setup


I have a general question about setting up the email address to be used with HelpMonks.

I want to have an email that we use which will be generic like

we use Office365 so I don’t necessarily have to create a new user for that, but wondering what would be the best practice?

Should I just create a group on our end, shared mailbox or just setup an alias which forwards to HelpMonks shared box.



Hello Josh,

I totally apologize for the delay in my answer. I did not get notified about your questions.

Regarding your question, Helpmonks works with forwarding emails, hence all you need to do on your mail-server is to configure forwarding to your Helpmonks mailbox address. Though, I would recommend to create an email account and then use that one for forwarding.

Let me know how it works. Please feel free to reach out to us or schedule a web session at

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