Drafts Update?


Hey there,

Are drafts working right now? It seems when I click the “save” icon in the toolbar, nothing happens. Also, there’s no longer a draft item in the left menu.




Hi Kevin,

Yes, just detected that too. We are working on it.



Ok, this is now fixed. Along with the fix, we added some small
enhancements, i.e. when you now save a draft or it gets auto saved, the
left navigation bar will update as well so that you can see the “draft”

Thank you for letting us know and happy emailing :slight_smile:


Hey Nitai - looks great!! Thanks for this - we’re looking forward to using it!


Hey Nitai,

One more thing I was wondering about with Drafts. In our helpscout, we used to be able to share drafts between each other. This was really helpful as a way to help train our new employees: we’d ask them to create a draft to a customer and before they sent it out, we’d review their draft and provide notes for them if needed. They could then edit the draft, make corrections and send out to customers.

We’re finding with the current implementation of Helpmonks, there’s not a way for another team member to see a draft you’ve created. Is this an option at all or in the future?

Thanks much!



Hi Kevin,

Drafts are currently per person, hence the reason why you cannot share
drafts. As this is a feature request, I’ve created a Trello card for you to
vote on

Thank you.



Hey awesome thanks so much Nitai!


So I take it Drafts are no longer working again?


Huh? No, what do you mean?


I can’t see the little icon anymore to save a draft. Was it moved?


We only save drafts on replies. You are in then “Compose a message” view :slight_smile:

We will add that feature soon, too.


Oh I see - thanks for the info.

Yes it would be nice to have that in Composer view as well - I’d like to be able to draft up a response and pass it to a team member. Any chance that we’ll be able to share drafts between team members soon as well?




Drafts are currently for each user. I do not think we will change this soon.

However, you should actually use the “notes” for that. Notes just like
emails are being sent out as notifications as users can easily compose
notes also in their email clients.

Hope this help.