Draft improvements


Loving the new Drafts feature, I just think a few things need to be ironed out.

On the Drafts folder, would it be possible to remove the Delete button?
I ask this as I would assume if I mark the tick box and click delete it would delete the draft. Wrong; it deletes the whole conversation.

Automatically show that there’s a draft saved when opening the conversation
If I’m in the Drafts folder and I click a conversation, a message is displayed at the top saying there’s a saved draft. Useful. If however I’m in any other folder page (such as Inbox or Mine), it doesn’t show this message until I go to Reply.
Also, when the message telling you there’s a draft is displayed, the reply box is also shown below this. I would prefer this to be hidden unless I click Reply or click “continue writing” in the draft box message


We will look into this and keep it in mind for a future release.



We now made some changes how drafts show and other small enhancements like:

  • We removed now any action (delete, etc.) the email listing of the draft folder. Like this the conversation won’t get removed in case someone thinks this is for the draft only.
  • When you click on a draft it will automatically load the draft in the editor with the option to remove it.
  • The draft notification is now shown on top of the message detail. Previously, you had to click on “reply” in order to see that there is a draft available.

These changes, will be pushed to our servers this weekend.