DKIM records set but test still failing



I set up the DNS DKIM records for my domain yesterday, and I can see they’ve propagated already across DNS servers 1. However, the Helpmonks DKIM test still tells me that the “records are not configured”, without providing any additional info. (The mailbox id is 55f6e340afb625a436cffb52.)

Looking at some of the help topics on this, I’ve seen screenshots where there’s an OK/Error mark next to each of the six DKIM record tests. But I don’t see any of that when I run the test, which makes me wonder if the test itself broke.

Any idea about what’s wrong?




Can you please contact us at with your account information so we can look further into this.


Yep, this is a bug on our side with the checking module. Your emails were sent with the proper DKIM though. We will update our servers soon.

Thank you for reporting this and being a customer. You are awesome.


This was fixed two days ago and everything shows now in the UI properly