Delete user

How to delete user? I’ve deactiveted two users, but though they are deleted, they appear on “Asign to” list. I want them to disappear, as I will not assingn anything to deactivated user.


For history purposes, you cannot delete users.

So how to make them disappear from “Asign” list?

Once they are de-activated they will not show up anymore.

In my case they are deactivated and are still visible, as on the screenshot.

Can you please log out and sing back in and let me know if that fixes it?
I’m not saying it is a solution, just testing. Thank you.

Does not change anything, but what is curious, in one MailBox those users are visible, and in the other they are not.


I reviewed your account to see if anything was amiss, and try to resolve you’re seeing deactivated users while assigning emails. From what I saw your deactivated users are not selectable assignees, and the functionality is behaving as expected.

I see that now you have only a single mailbox, so I’m unable to see which selectable assignees appeared for that mailbox. If you continue to experience this issue please contact us directly at support@helpmonks, so that we can discuss the specifics, and diagnose what the cause may be.