Custom Status Levels


Is there anyway to add a customer status level? It would be great if we could use these as a simple pipeline tool before they are either archived or closed.



Can you let me know a bit more what exactly you require here? Would for example a custom field provide what you need? etc.

Thank you.


So we’re going to be using one of our inboxes for a sales activity and within that there are a number of set “stages” that each prospect will go through.

For instance, these could be;

  1. Prospect
  2. Demo
  3. Proposal
  4. Trial

The bonus of this being a “status” is that when you use the lables to filter or look down the side menu you will be bale to see the number of messages that need actions in each stage. Now as I haven’t played with your Custom field tool, I’m not too sure how this works, but it feels like being able to change the currently fixed status levels (Inbox, closed, archived, spam) would be the perfect fit.

Obviously if you build this Custom Status Levels feature then it would be great to have the option to mark any status as a “resolved status” so that they feed into the reports - either that or the reports could allow filtering by each stage.


Have you looked into “Labels”. Labels are exactly made for that. Go into
the Administration. Navigate to Labels and add your “Prospect”.“Demo”, etc.
as labels. You can choose in which mailbox the label will show. Also, make
sure to select “Show in label-explorer”. Once done, you will see the labels
showing up in the left navigation, under the statutes.