Ctrl + Backspace

I frequently make mistakes, which means Backspace is one of the most used buttons on my keyboard. I often use the shortcut Control + Backspace, which deletes entire words.

I assumed this was a universal / Windows shortcut as it works in every program I can think of. (MS Office, Google Mail, etc.) But it doesn’t seem to work in Helpmonks. Is there something wrong with me, or does this functionality not exist in Helpmonks when composing a reply or note? Any chance of getting it added?

We use a third-party editor and are dependent on their feature set.

However, I see that they released a newer version that features this option now. Let us see that we can upgrade the editor in the coming days, i.e., you should see the option being added in the RoadMap at https://trello.com/b/y6QD1aEN

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

We’ve now updated the editor that should fix those issues.

We will update our servers over the coming weekend with it and other updates. You can also always follow our RoadMap to get live-updates. See https://trello.com/b/y6QD1aEN

Good information thanks for sharing