CRM - Expand email conversations within CRM

It would be nice to be able to expand and view the email conversations within the CRM rather than having to go to the mailbox.

Hi David!

Thank you for the suggestion. When you click on a “Box”, you will automatically see the email tab that shows the email conversations for that customer. We designed it that way so it gives the CRM main page a clean interface.

We will note this request and we’ll let you know once we change something.

Hi Ervin,

If you have some time, maybe we can do a screen share and I will show you the current CRM I use and how this page looks similar but is easier to review the emails.

Let me know.



Hi David, appreciate that. Instead, could I request for a short video to be sent to support@helpmonkscom so we have it on record? That way, I can forward it to our developers to consider.

Thank you.


I have attached a video of the screen. Hopefully you can see how the emails are expanded so the full conversation can be seen without having to flip to another screen. Please keep the information on the video private. Hopefully you will be able to do something like this in the Helpmonks CRM.



(Attachment Owners Leads _ LeadSimple - Google Chrome 2020-09-15 14-47-54.mp4 is missing)

Hi Dave! We are unable to view the attachment here. Kindly send it via email to so we can review. Thank you.