Conversation schema is outdated

Hi, I’m reviewing the conversation schema on the api guide and it’s missing a lot of fields that actually come back when I call the api.

Yes, there are additional fields. The documented model has the basic information.

Do you need help with any of the fields? Maybe more specific, can you tell me which field/data you are looking for?

the following schemas:

all of these keys point to empty arrays in my data, since my org doesn’t use them yet.
I’d like to have them for future use.

I did not get a notification here and only just saw your replies.

That said, I don’t think we populate the data for those fields. However, our model schema will always return all fields. That’s most likely the reason you see them empty. Also, I don’t think we use “links” or the “send_options” and if so only internally.

The “attachments” should have data and we can definitely look into it when you need them.