Contacts Improvements


I find the Contacts feature in HelpMonks is really lacking some basic features.

Ideally, we’d like to see the 3 features below implemented. I believe these features would not only help us but other HelpMonks users too.

Creation of a Contacts tab in-between Mailboxes and Reports (currently you have to go into Administration which doesn’t seam right).

Addition of phone and mobile phone fields (or maybe even custom fields so users can add their own?)

Clicking the contacts name loads the edit user form in a pop-up windows / lightbox.



There are always “things” to improve in software :slight_smile: That said:

  1. Creating a customer is done when an email comes in or manually in the
    administration. We surely can improve upon this.

  2. Custom Fields is a plugin. We have some request to add those to
    customers also.

  3. We can surely also open them in a lightbox.

I’ve added them to our RoadMap.



I’m trying to make sure I don’t flood this form with requests (especially as I’m a trial user - but this is the best service so far and will have 4-5 inboxes within the next few months), but there are a number of CRM / Contact improvements I would love to see.

Firstly I agree with all of Chris’s original requests but I would love to see you put more emphasis on this feature (It seems to be hidden away like a secret love-child). Things that would make this feature amazing are;

  1. The ability to assign users to companies.
    • I see this as either a fixed thing and/or a workflow that auto assigned the last user to have contact to that company/customer.
  2. The ability to group / tag companies.
    • This would be really useful in filtering and sorting, but would also be really useful in building company related workflow’s (such as customers/companies in “group 1” are auto assigned to “user 1”) or (All emails to our VIP inbox to be deleted unless their Company is in the “VIP group”)
  3. The ability to add / update info from the email screen.
    • It would be very useful to be able to do thinks like “link / create company” or “apply an SLA” from within the right hand email panel.
  4. More info for the info on the email screen.
    • It would be great if you could see what other inboxes their last correspondence went too (and the status of those and who is dealing with them), what group they are in (If you add that feature), notes (or even better a Trello style comment / note stream).

If all these featured were added this would make this the perfect tool for our problem.


Thank you for your feedback, Here are my answers.

  1. When you create a company with a domain, for example, and an email arrives from a user with the email address that user is automatically connected to the company.

  2. I’ve added it to the Trello card

  3. This is already requested and added to the Trello card as well

  4. I believe this could be added as well with opening the company/user in a modal window and show more information.

As always, we accept useful feature requests and out them on our RoadMap. However, we do honor feature requests from paying customers with a higher priority, I also encourage you to vote on the Trello card at

Thank you for the time to write this up and (hopefully) becoming a customer.


That’s great, thanks for adding all that to your list. And we’re very likely to become a paid member. As I said, this is a near perfect solution.

I think you misunderstood my #1 point. I was meaning applying connections between my staff (helpmonks users) and a company or a group (if you implement that) of companies. This way as soon as that company / customer creates a new email thread, then this is assigned directly to the correct user/staff member.


Great to hear.

About the company / assignment request. I believe what you are asking for,
is already there. Check out the workflows. There you can listen for any
email from a company domain and assign the conversation automatically.
Here’s a screen shot of how this would be:


Although that solution does work if you have a a small client base, it would be great to have a solution that works without manually assigning each company through a workflow. I was thinking more along the lines of the ability to auto assign the last person to deal with that customer / company to any new requests.


I understand. It’s something we are thinking about.

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This is still a big issue for us - do you have any updates on this?


Hi Michael,

We’ve haven’t had time nor resources to chase your requests here. We do listen to our customers and build a lot of new features bases on requests. You can see what we are working on at

However, if a feature doesn’t get many requests or you would like to prioritize it, you always have the option to “sponsor” the development of it. If we see that this feature is also beneficial for the product itself, we give you a 50% discount on the development cost.

Sponsoring a feature is how some of the upcoming features make it into Helpmonks and how you can get a function that is tailored to your requirements as well.

If you would like that, please contact us at