Compose - send to all users of a company -> works?

Does this feature works?

Compose > Send to all users of a company >


Thank you.


Yes, this feature was released in April 2019 for customers under the Bliss and Go Further plan.

Please follow our roadmap to be updated on the latest enhancement and to vote or comment on features.

Thank you.

I’m on BLISS plan.

As you can see on the screenshot, when I select a COMPANY and then send an email it shows:
“Oops, enter at least one recipient for your message!”

So I can’t see it working properly :frowning:
Show I contact support?


We will look into this and we’ll get back to you once we know more. Thank you.

The issues with using this functionality is now resolved and we will update our servers with this patch and other updates over the coming weekend.

Thank you for reporting this.