Color your mailboxes


The benefit of a system like Helpmonks is that your team have full transparency on all emails and a 360-degree insight into all mailboxes in one view. And we know that managing multiple mailboxes can be quite challenging. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate them quickly. This leads us to create an option to customize your mailbox theme. In this article, you’ll learn how you can customize the theme and make your mailboxes in Helpmonks appealing with your choice of vibrant colors that are available

If you noticed, we’ve made some changes in the Helpmonks UI. These enhancements make the mailbox default color gray for those that didn’t change the color theme, while the newly created mailbox is blue in default.

Account admins can change the mailbox color theme by going to the Mailbox Settings > Customization.


You can choose from one of the predefined color templates, pick one from the color template or even create your own with the color palette.


The color of your mailbox will also be reflected on your dashboard.


Excited? Go check it out and make your Helpmonks mailboxes visually appealing.

What is Helpmonks all about?

Helpmonks helps you and your team to collaborate on emails to your shared email address, e.g. It’s not a ticketing system and lets you stay personal in your email replies to your customers.

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