Collision detection does not allow user to overide an send email


Today we are unable to send an email when it detects a collision due to another member of staff already replying. Previously there was an option to ‘Send anyway’ when the collision warning displayed.

Now we are only offered the option to ‘save to drafts’ or ‘delete’ the reply. If we go to drafts and try and send from there the same warning is displayed with options to ‘save to drafts’ or ‘delete’ effectively putting us in a loop of not being able to send.

Please advise how we override collision detection for the latest update?



Why have I received this?? Thanks


Hello Everyone,

Why have I been sent this email?




We are aware with the issue on collision and our technical team is on it to get it fixed.

Thank you.



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Hi Steve,

The issue with the collision was already resolved last night and it is now working as expected.

Thank you for your usual support.