Chatra integration for Helpmonks


With the Chatra plugin enabled, you can route offline messages made in Chatra available as email conversations. In addition, any message that gets unanswered in Chatra will be captured by the plugin and also made available as a email conversation.

Last but not least, when you enabled the Helpmonks extension within Chatra, you will be able to see the customer information and his recent conversations right within the Chatra application.


With routes you can capture messages that visitors leave in Chatra and re-route them to your mailbox(es). If you have Chatra deployed on more than one website you can use the “filter” to tell the route to which mailbox the message should go to.

With chat routes you can also capture messages that an agent might have missed or when users chat while no agent is available (in case you want to accept chats). The chats will then go to the assigned mailbox. Again, if you have Chatra deployed on more than one website you can use a “filter” direct the message into a specific mailbox.

Chatra Integration

To activate this plugin please go to your Chatra account and under “Integrations” navigate to the “Webhooks”. Enter the webhook URL (you can find it within the plugin configuration) into the “chatTranscript” section.

You can have a preview how Chatra plugin looks like when enabled: