Can't access attachments with accented characters



We’ve been happy users of Helpmonks for almost a year now. We didn’t notice this problem before, so we don’t know if it’s a new issue or we just hadn’t noticed.

We can’t access attachments that have accented characters (like “artículo”, Spanish for “article”). When we click on the attachment in Helpmonks, a new tab opens with a URL along the lines of… (I can send the full URL if needed; I wasn’t sure if the content would be available to everyone on the forum.)

The attachment is not available and an error screen is shown. I’ve uploaded a screen capture at:




Thanks for reporting. We are aware of the attachment issue with special characters and are now working with highest priority to resolve this. Please expect to hear an update regarding this in the next coming days.

We appreciate your cooperation.



The issue with the attachments and international characters has already been fixed.

Thank you for understanding.


That’s perfect, it works now. Thanks a lot for the quick response.



We are always happy to help.

Thank you for making Helpmonks better! :smiley: