Can I be notified of any unanswered emails after a set time?


Helpmonks looks really good!

Tried to play around with the SLA feature, but from what I understand that needs to be assigned to a company first right? Meaning emails that are not associated with any company cannot have SLAs?

Can workflows do this? Would like to be notified when an email – any email – does not get responded to for more than 48 hours.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your kind words. The feature to get notified when an email
goes unanswered by your stuff is coming soon :slight_smile:

Hi Nitai,

Thanks, looking forward to that feature.

In the meantime, could there be a possible workaround? For instance, is there a way to make the Workflow module work to accomplish something similar?



No there is no workaround, hence we are building it :slight_smile:

Just a couple of more days my friend.

Alright, looking forward to moving our team to Helpmonks :slight_smile:



This is now live. Going to write up a “how-to” soon. In the meantime, go to
the workflow and select the “segment” in there you will see the “workflow
based on time…”.

As it is based on the workflow you can add conditions and actions below on
the time segment.

It’s quite awesome, if I may say so :slight_smile:

Hi Nitai,

Thanks, would you mind confirming please if the following settings are correct?

Tried to setup an ‘escalation notification’ to alert me if an email has not yet been responded to for a while, but didn’t get any notification even after several days.

Here’s the setup I tried:

  1. Mailbox Settings > Workflows
  2. Select Segment: Execute based on the length of time a customer is awaiting a reply
  3. … after 5 minutes (to be able to test right away)
  4. Actions: selected subscribers are notified regardless of their notification settings (Set to me)

Am I missing something?




I don’t see anything wrong with your setup. Let us look into this and get
back to you. Thank you.


We’ve had a typo in our code which prevented the execution of the time
based workflow. We’ve just fixed it and pushed it to our production servers.

Thank you for letting us know.

Hi nitai,

Would the fix affect old tickets automatically? Or only new ones?

Still haven’t received a notification.

Also, I tried to send a new email to the support inbox, but I got a Mail Delivery error:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


The reason for the problem:
5.1.2 Bad destination mailbox address

Could it be because my trial period has expired and the account was changed to the Free Tier? Should I upgrade first to test the features?



Hi Ian,

It looks like your mailbox was set to inactive. I just set it back to
active. Must have been something with the change. Your workflow should now
execute and emails will arrive again for you.

I apologize for this. Next time please feel free to reach out to us direct
at support.