Bringing a shared inbox to every team

Helpmonks releases new price plans to bring a shared inbox to every team.

Helpmonks launches a new monthly price plan of only $9 per mailbox to make it affordable for every team to have a shared inbox #sharedinbox #emailmanagement

A lack of efficient email distribution within teams has been a long standing problem. Helpmonks aims to change that. Helpmonks, is a startup that offers a solution for teams to setup a shared inbox. Their service allows teams to collaborate on email conversations.

By using a Helpmonks Shared Inbox users can leave notes for team members, assign messages as tasks, or set reminders on conversations. Additionally, all email conversations are searchable, archivable and retrievable.

Helpmonks does not require companies to install a new email client, Helpmonks’ users can continue to use their current email client and same email address.

Helpmonks is invisible to the end user. Clients still send emails to the same shared email address, e.g., Helpmonks distributes emails to team members as messages arrive. The team can converse on any email conversations with internal notes, assignments, reminders and other collaborative tools.

Each Helpmonks shared inbox comes with a complete set of features including a workflow engine to automate tasks, Service Level Agreements (SLA), real-time reports, as well as add-ons such as Github integration and chat notifications over HipChat. Additionally, all shared inboxes come with unlimited emails and users.

“You can think of Helpmonks as an advanced shared inbox, with the additional capability of having your emails available and manageable at a central location, - sort of like a cockpit for all your communications.”

Pricing and Availability

The solution is available for $9/month for every mailbox. In addition to Helpmonks being a hosted solution, it offers a standalone cloud server installation and also has the option to be deployed on-premise, something that companies with strict in-house policies appreciate.

Helpmonks is free for qualifying open source and non-profit projects.

About Helpmonks, LLC
Helpmonks, a startup that offers a solution for teams to setup a shared inbox, is on a mission to bring a shared inbox to every team. Helpmonks is a startup formed by Nitai Aventaggiato and Denise McCort who are both passionate about developing software for companies to enhance their team collaboration. Both founders have extensive experience developing Enterprise-level software. Helpmonks is available as a hosted solution or on-premise installation. Interested parties can sign up for an account at