BCC From helpmonks ends up as CC



I’ve just sent out a fairly broad email to about 50 recipients by BCC, but the recipients received the email as CC… not great, as was trying to keep the addresses confidential

Could you investigate/resolve



Sorry about that. What address did you have in the TO? If you send to the
mailbox address itself, it will change things around. In any case, we are
looking into this now.


I used my personal address in the TO field (not the mailbox address)… it would also be good to not need a TO address, but that’s a minor thing

thanks for looking into this btw


I’ve been testing this recently and just today and don’t see anything out of the norm, i.e. the BCC addresses are not showing to the TO or CC recipients.

Furthermore, you always need a TO address to send BCC. This is an email standard.