BCC email is not receiving sent email

Once email has been sent through helpmonks, email listed in TO and CC will receive sent email, while email listed in BCC will not receive email.

I just did a couple of tests and I can’t replicate this. Since your email client is sending messages to the email addresses there is no way for us to interfere with you sending emails to BCC.

Or am I missing something?

If you can share privately with me 3 different your email addresses (no aliases), I can demonstrate it to you.

No sure what you mean exactly. Can you tell me how exactly you use it please?

Here is screenshot demonstrating how I use it: https://qsnapnet.com/snaps/b35pk343anb138f

1st email will receive message
2nd email will receive message
3rd emaill will not

3rd is email in BCC and I didnt recieve email in my gmail inbox.

OH, I misunderstood. you are sending FROM Helpmonks. I was under the impression you are using your email client. Let me look into this and get back to you.

Ok, it is fixed now. Sending to BCC receipients within Helpmonks works now as expected.

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