Automatic BCC


We use a shared mailbox using Office365 sales@domain. This mailbox is setup in HelpMonks.

When someone emails us, a mailbox rule (rule 1) is automatically ran in Outlook which redirects the message to HelpMonks and leaves a copy of the email in Outlook.

This is really useful as we have a backup of all incoming emails in Outlook. Problem is, we don’t have a backup of the sent email.

If HelpMonks had an option to automatically BCC the same mailbox (sales@domain), all our sent email would go into Outlook.

We could then setup another mailbox rule in Outlook to move all these emails to the sent folder. We would also modify rule 1 and add an exception so that emails received which are sent to sales@domain aren’t redirected back into HelpMonks.


This is on our RoadMap and will come soon. We get a lot of requests these
days :slight_smile: