Attachments not received



I have noticed that attachments aren’t always received when a message was sent using helpmonks.
I have sent a message to my personal email account.

In helpmonks I can see the message including the attachments, but I didn’t receive them.
I have tested using the helpmonks mail server and our mailservers.

Also double checked whether attachments where blocked, but that wasn;t the case.

What could be the issue here ?




Hi Arthur,

  1. Server Issue
    As you know we put you on a new server. However, I just saw that some session management did not work as expected. Hence, the attachment did not work properly. I fixed it by now and attachments work as they should again.

  2. Forward and attachment
    There is another “behavior” with forwarding that we actually do not forward all attachments during forwarding. We are working on changing this, but I have to check on the status of this.


On 2):

We prevented sending attachments to outside emails (not subscribers) so far.

It’s just very small thing to adjust. We will update our servers later today and forwarding emails with all attachments will work for outside emails.


I have noticed something strange.
I have send myself an email to both my private email and my gmail with a attachment (PDF document)

I checked the email on my mobile. Couldn’t see the attachment and in gmail a saw the attachment.
Then I started my webmail client and I could see the attachment as well.

I never had an issue with my mobile mail client (Android).

You have any idea ?


On some locations we now have an issue with uploading a PDF as attachment.
The systems shows a generic error message.


We haven’t updated the servers yet. We need to do some more testing first. I’ll update the thread soon again with the status.


I don’t see the issue here. Can you please clear the cache and refresh the cookies?


This is now fixed. The issue was with one of our servers not being configured to accept larger files than 5MB.