Attachment problem. A specific customer doesn't receive attachment


Hello everybody!
I have a problem (at the moment) with one customer. (We are using fully helpmonk “for real” from yesterday, so I don’t have statistich about problem yet)
If I send an email to him with helpmonks he doesn’t receive the attachement (that is less than 100 kb)
We tried several time (yesterday and today) with difference message and to 2 different email address (of same customer/receiver email domain)
If I forward the same email to another email address (I tried with a personal gmail address and another in our domain (outside helpmonks) the attachment is correctly delivered.

If you want, in private email, I can give you the email of receiver.

We use our SMTP server (I tried to change the user name and also the port of SMTP. In both case it works, but wihtout sending the attachement to this specific customer domain.

Using our old email client (installed in a desktop) with the same email as sender and using the same SMTP server and same credential, the customer receive correctly the attachment.

There is maybe a workaround to say to help monk to create a link where they can download the attachemnt instead of “attach” it ?

We use chrome in windows7.


As this seems to be a direct recipient issue, there is no answer that fits here. Please contact with your issue.