Associate existing users to this company link doesnt work


I’ve been unable to assign any users via the “Click here to associate existing users to this company with the above domains” link on the company information page.

Do the domains need to be formatted in a certain way (i.e. www. http://)?


This may also be linked. But I have now manually associated an email address / customer with a company but in the right hand info box (next to emails) it states the user has (No company affiliation)!


Hi Michael,

  1. Within the company tab the domain(s) should be in the format “” (without the quotes). If you want to associate many domains then separate them with a “,” (comma).

Note: If this is a newly created company, first save the company and then try to associate the users with the company.

  1. The user information in the right side panel box is loaded dynamically, i.e. it should load the company information immediately.

If there are any issues with the both of the above steps, please send us an email at with a detailed description and a link to the conversation in Helpmonks so we can take a look and see what is going on.

Thank you.



I’ve just successfully added a new company with a domain name and didn’t need to click that link. But the other companies I have previously added, the link still doesn’t work even with the correct domain formatting.


We are looking into the email you’ve sent us and reply directly. Thank you.