Assign to when composing an email


In the settings i can choose who to assign when replying to an email. We have this set up to unassigned as every user needs to handle the incoming mail.

When somebody composes an email this is set up to be assigned to the sender, I would like this to also be unassigned so the reply will come to the general inbox.
Setting this for all outgoing mails isn’t that productive, is there a setting I can change so all users can compose mails and not assign them?


Right. Currently, the mailbox settings only apply to replies and not for new messages which automatically assign the email to the person who is composing the email.

That said, we might change this to also use the mailbox settings in a future release.

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Changing this, or making it an option would be really appreciated by us!


Hello all,

Compose a new message takes now the default status and default assignee from the mailbox settings.

We will update our servers with the update in the coming 24 - 48 hours.



Thanks again! Also look forward to see this go live!