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Hi everybody,
sometimes the same email need the support of more than one user (in a trading company for example, I receive an order from a customer by email: 1 user could be in charge to prepare the goods and another one to call some shippers to check options and to shedule the shipment)

With the note inside the email I can write who have to do the specific action, but is it possible to assign the same email to more than one user?

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Conversations can only be assigned to one person right now. However, we are
working on a “Following” feature, so that users can “follow” a conversation
and get notified. This will solve your requirement.


we are going to be your users Nitai

Thank you for all of your reply!

I will try to not be noisy!

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Hi Francesco,

No worries, all good :slight_smile: Say hi to my home country…



Dear Nitai,
at the moment the decision is stopped

Thank you for everything at the moment

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