Advance Reports


OK I promise this is my final feature request for a while

It would be very useful to have a bit more depth in the reports. I feel that there are quite a few things they don’t tell us as they are very focused towards a “support inbox” function where the main goal is to get each email in a “resolved” state.

The data that I initially feel is missing is;

  1. Headline Figures

    • I know some of the data is there, but currently you have to do some maths or hover over stuff to work out simple things like;
      – Total number of conversations opened / reopened,
      – Average number of responses per conversation,
      – Total number of individual customers / companies spoken to
      – Number of customers waiting a response (This would be great to break down per assigned user too)
      – Average time before user is assigned.
  2. Break down / filtering by label.


Yes, I totally agree that we can do with some improvements in the reports.
This is something we are planning in the future. However, I can’t give you
an ETA, but I’ve created a Trello card on our RoadMap for you to vote on.
It’s at


Awesome news. I even see some scope here for a premium plugin if you were able to make it really flexible.


That’s exactly what we are looking into :slight_smile: Stay tuned.