Adding Yubikey Error

I use Yubikeys in my organization to secure Administrator and VPN logins. We use Authlite as the authentication provider and the Yubikeys as the hardware token. I tried to add my existing Yubikey to my helpmonks account but when I tap the Yubikey to enter my token, and then I click “verify”, I get a error notification but the error message is blank.


Is there something specific about how to use Yubikeys? I know Yubikeys have a few “slots” to store token data and I’m wondering if an existing Yubikey can be used with your system if another program (Authlite) already populated the Yubikey slots. If it helps, I also use my existing Yubikey (programmed by Authlite) to secure my GitHub account without issue.

I’m not aware of any issues with it. I’ll do some testing today. I’ve created a bug report and added you to it. It’s available Yubikey authentication - Bug Reports - Helpmonks

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