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Is this feature about isolating the tickets of different teams from each other?
Is this the same feature on your roadmap? https://trello.com/c/ehIrCWE5/361-enable-groups
We are looking for a feature which will isolate the sales team’s tickets from the rest of the tech support teams because their tickets can include price quotes etc.


Thank you for your interest.

The group feature allows a group of people to work on one or many mailboxes as a group. Conversations can be assigned to a group, instead to just one person. Plus, Groups would get a unified view of all mailboxes as well.

Regarding your requirement, this would be something else, as it would create a separation within the same mailbox. Are you saying that price quotes AND support emails are all in the same mailbox, i.e. email address? To create some sort of permission level here, would be quite challenging. Though, doable.

The sales team has a separate email than the other teams. Is it already possible to isolate a team on Helpmonks? The helpdesk system that we are currently using does send every email to the same inbox/ticket list where users from separate teams do use filters to filter out the tickets belonging to them but a user/agent has the ability to view the inbox without any filters.

I see. No, with Helpmonks, each mailbox has it’s own set of users and permission. You can also move messages to another mailbox. Only users who are added to a mailbox can see those emails.

So, I think, you are all set :slight_smile:

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Ok. Then I have another question. Maybe I should post it as a feature request, I’m not sure. Can we split a ticket into separate tickets which then can be assigned to different teams? Sometimes our clients/distributors do send emails containing more than one request/question which have to be handled by different teams. For example they send their tech support request which also includes some spare part requests, or send a spare part request which also includes a complete machine quotation request etc. Or the original support ticket turns into a sales/spare part request during the support session which then requires us to create a linked ticket on another team’s inbox.


I apologize for the delay in my answer.

We currently have no option to split a conversation. We have it on our RoadMap, but do not have an ETA for it yet.

That said, you can forward a conversation and then remove individual messages within the format.

I hope this helps.