A slew of updates for your shared inbox

We’ve been very busy here at Helpmonks to make your shared inbox better every day. Here are some of the latest enhancements to bring your team email to the next level.

Better way to manage those attachments
Many of our customers are receiving and sending hundreds of attachments a day. To help make the attachments easier to find we’ve updated Helpmonks so that your attachments are shown in a convenient drop-down menu. Additionally, we display each unique file one time, even if it was attached to multiple replies.

Enhancement to the email listing views
We changed the email listing view a bit. We now give more emphasis to the subject itself and have moved the labels to the bottom of the list item.

Also, the link to the message is now a “conform link”, i.e. a standard link enabling users to copy the link or open the it in a new window/tab.

On top of that, we now show the same list view in all email listings and have added the status to all lists (in search, etc.).

Changes to coloring
Many of our customers wanted to have more distinction between an email reply and comments, especially while composing. We paid respect to those requests now and have added a background color to the editor to clearly show when you’re adding a comment. The comments color has been updated to match this.

We also changed the color of emails for SLA customers and when an SLA is overdue.

Miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
In addition to the above changes here are some minor ones:

  • Once signed in you do not need to repeatedly sign on your next visit as long as you session is valid.
  • You need to enter at least 3 chars now in the search. An empty search value doesn’t work anymore.
  • Moving a conversation to another mailbox now notifies subscribers and updates the status and dates.
  • Corrected the overflow in the UI when there were a lot of CC and/or BCC email addresses listed on a message.
  • Prevented a loop of emails when the message is auto-forwarded to a mailbox from a subscriber of that mailbox.
  • We do not add the sender to the CC again. Previously, it would be possible to have the sender of a message in the CC as well.
  • Parsing of forwarded messages from Outlook Web and Outlook 2016 works now properly (as always Microsoft needs to make theirs work a little bit differently :slight_smile: )
  • Custom SMTP login issues are easier to identify. Upon entering custom SMTP settings they are authenticated. Once successful we will send a test email.
  • The autosave function in the editor is has been re-enabled.

All the above updates have already been pushed to our servers and are available to all Helpmonks users.