Feature Requests

About the Feature Request category (1)
Option to sort emails (2)
Please integrate Tidio chat (6)
See who was notified (4)
Option to assign a default font family and size to our inbox replies (11)
Integrate with Clickup (2)
Day of week info in reports (2)
Inline Image Viewer (2)
Possibility to have multiple signatures (2)
Put Reply to Note Button on Note Itself (4)
Option to not receive mail in users personal mailboxes (2)
Contacts Improvements (10)
Reports list everyone -even the deactivated (3)
Reminding with an Agenda/Calendar view mode (4)
Assign the same email to more than one User (5)
A Color for a User - Subject of emails and notes highlighted with the color of the user (2)
Auto-forward to external email address (2)
Auto delete functionality (4)
Advance Reports (4)
Custom Status Levels (4)
Saving drafts when composing new messages (2)
Option to make note stay fixed on top of the conversation (2)
Print Option (2)
Draft improvements (3)
Automatic BCC (2)
Mailbox Permissions: Limit which status staff can use (2)
User interface improvement request (4)
Replies assigned to self by default (12)
Option to Automatically Close Thread on Reply (13)
Feature request: Add Saved replies to New conversation (3)